Multiplying the insights of personal mentoring to tens of thousands more

The Vision

Creating Jobs believes in the wisdom of local entrepreneurs. As we invest in mentoring relationships with innovative leaders from numerous countries, we seek to glean the best practices that are working across cultures and industries. In collaboration with our mentors, we clarify these insights into curriculum materials. These materials enable best practices to spread faster. Written in a practical, down-to-earth style, they also make it easier for entrepreneurs to turn 'new ideas' into 'growing businesses.'

The Partners

Creating Jobs partners with foundations, nonprofits, micro-finance institutions, and other large organizations. Our Curriculum Partners provide access to qualified entrepreneurs. Creating Jobs provides business training materials and seminars to these talented leaders. Together, we raise up a new generation of business leaders.

GrowBook: United States Edition

GrowBook is a 300-page, 24-session business training curriculum on how to grow a healthy business in the United States. It is written by a multiethnic team of people who’ve actually built successful small businesses. GrowBook’s 24 chapters are divided into these seven parts: Leadership, Market Position, Production, Sales & Service, Employees, Finance, and Giving Back. It’s fairly comprehensive, easy to follow, conducive for discussion, and practical to apply. While it helps solopreneurs master business basics, the main thrust is helping entrepreneurs turn fledgling enterprises into mature companies comprised of strong teams and effective systems. Want proof that it works? We've documented twenty five ways (click here to download) that companies involved in the Creating Jobs, Inc. network are using their businesses to serve.

Want to learn more? We've included testimonials and placed the entire book online for free download at this link.

GrowBook: Developing World Edition

The developing world edition features additional chapters on fatalism and corruption while deleting the Google rankings chapter. Over 100 American idioms are replaced with straightforward phrases that translate well into other languages, which so far include Spanish, French, Haitian Creole, and soon-to-be released Mandarin and Malayalam. Many of the case studies feature developing-world businesses, making it more locally applicable. GrowBook takes complex processes and breaks them down into simple, actionable steps – which is quite helpful in parts of the world where strong economies and businesses are rare.

Mentor Tools

Mentor Tools gathers the best practices of our proven approach to mentoring for both cross-cultural and local mentors. This 160-page book includes 48 tools in English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole. There are several tools in each of these six categories: Training, Mentoring, Local Mentors, International Lead Mentors, Trip Logistics, and Business as Mission.