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A Practical, Daily Guide For Entrepreneurs

GrowBook was written by a team of successful small business owners. Together, they share years of experience coaching other entrepreneurs to be successful. Hundreds of entrepreneurs rely on GrowBook's hard-won wisdom across the United States and a growing number of developing countries. Organized around 24 proven ways to build a healthy business, filled with action lists, and written in a down-to-earth, practical style, GrowBook is focusing entrepreneurs on the secrets to growing great businesses in even the most challenging environments.

Reinvesting the Profits

All profits from the sales of GrowBook go into furthering the social impact of Creating Jobs. Buy a copy for every entrepreneur you know. You'll simultaneously accelerate their success and join the team that is investing in the success of entrepreneurs around the world.

Endorsed By Readers

By far one of the best references for owning and growing your business. - Andrew Hardesty

We're using this book to help mentor entrepreneurs in parts of Indonesia. What an invaluable and easy to use tool for fostering growth and relationships in developing countries. - Chandra

An absolutely fantastic book for any aspiring entrepreneur. - John Spence

This is the Entrepreneur's MBA for anyone interested in starting, improving, and scaling their business. - Kirk Harris

Let's Grow Together


GrowBook is designed for use by development organizations in their training of developing-world entrepreneurs. GrowBook’s 25 chapters easily adapt to training courses of various lengths. Of course, training is most effective when integrated with mentoring that presses application into individual businesses. Each chapter is organized into sections on What, Why, How, and Now What. It’s easy to follow, conducive for discussion, and practical to apply.


Microfinance institutions can use GrowBook to provide more training in their ongoing relationships with larger clients. Adding more intellectual capital will help clients get more mileage out of the financial capital they’re receiving, become better clients, and grow stronger businesses which create more jobs and better serve their communities.


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Translated For You

Inexpensive paperbacks are available on Amazon in English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole. Upcoming editions include French and Mandarin, and we’re open to exploring others with you.

We’d like to make it as widely available as possible, so please let us know if you have a sizable interested population. If you can fund all or part of a translation, we can get it into your language of choice more quickly.

To maximize impact for the glory of God, Creating Jobs Inc does not charge licensing fees for its use.

"Es un libro que recomendaría altamente a todo aquel empresario que busca consejo y ayuda práctica para poder hacer crecer su negocio de manera sostenible en base a la experiencia y éxito que otros empresarios han tenido y que les ha permitido identificar las claves para el éxito en los negocios." - José Elvir

"This might well be the longest and most detailed book about business available in Haitian Creole." - John Adams